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Wiper Blades

Hyundai's Smart Blade is a Smart Choice

At Savannah Hyundai, we are concerned with your safety. As anyone in Savannah knows, we can get some rain. That's why it is so important to have the best wiper blades.

When you look at the role windshield wiper blades play in your automobile, it really can't be understated.  Your wiper blades are one of the top safety features on all cars and trucks universally, independent of make or model.  With good visibility the hallmark of safe driving, Hyundai's Smart Blade is a smart choice. 

Hyundai's SmartBlade is designed to be smart enough to tell you when to replace itself.  The SmartBlade has built in wear indicator that changes color to let you know when it is time to change out the blades. This innovative wear indicator changes from black to yellow indicating poor blade performance, even before a driver might notice. Hyundai's SmartBlade are made with quality construction using all metal frames and premium co-extruded rubber.

Hyundai recommends that wiper blades be changed every six months to maintain maximum driving safety. As an easy reminder, you should change your wipers when you change your clock at daylight savings time.


If you are not using Hyundai's SmartBlade Wipers, how do you when to replace your wipers?

You should be able to tell when you wipers are in poor condition.  Deteriorated wipers produce an uneven wipe, which prevents proper contact with the windshield surface. This will create streaky or unwiped areas, severely impairing your driving vision. And remember - what you can't see, can harm you!

Did you know that you need to replace wipers even if you live in areas where it doesn't rain much?  A wiper blade that hasn't been used for an extended period of time can dry out or develop streaking and chattering sections.  Even if you don't use your blades often, they still need to be inspected for damage every six months.


And don't forget, many of today's cars come with a rear windshield wiper, adding to a higher level of visibility out the back windshield.  This wiper should also be replaced at the same time you are replacing the front windshield wipers.


Here at Savannah Hyundai, we'd be glad to help you understand if your wiper blades need to be changed.  We can do it for you or you can buy the parts and do it yourself. To find out the size blades you need, measure the old rubber blades and stop into our Parts Department.  If you don't have the size information, we can look it up for you.